Life’s Abundance Dog Food Reviews – Our Story

Many people are looking for Life’s Abundance dog food reviews to see how other dogs have done on the food.

Well, here’s our story and experience with Life’s Abundance dog food. We were desperate to find a high quality dog food to help our dog as her health had been declining. We read about it and it sounded promising. Our dog, Elly, had been a faithful companion to us over the years and we wanted the best for her.

Well, we got her started on the food and here’s our personal Life’s Abundance dog food review…

1. More than anything, Elly loved it. There was no coaxing her to eat it. So we’re assuming it must taste pretty good!

2. Elly’s health started to improve. Gradually her coat became more soft and shiny and she seemed to have more energy. Just a year earlier, she had to have her spleen removed and was not in very good health.

3. Life’s Abundance dog food has good protein in it! So many of the foods we had seen and used had a lot of grains like corn and wheat in them. Life’s Abundance dog food actually has real meat with no added corn, wheat or soy!

4. They deliver it right to your door. We always dreaded when it was time to buy food as Elly is 80 pounds and it takes a BIG bag to feed her. So no more hauling dog food and breaking our backs.

5. It has a lot of “good stuff” in it. Things like eggs, real veggies, and good bacteria cultures that help with digestion. They even added antioxidants which help to boost the immune system and keep your dog healthy.

6. Life’s Abundance dog food was NOT on the recall list back when there was such a big scare. They have great quality control on their food and it is a human grade dog food. (which means a human could eat it!)

7. We really liked the fact that there are NO by-products! Companies are allowed by law to put by-products into dog food…things like chicken feet, chicken heads, intestines…yes seriously…that’s what a by- product is!

As far as the negatives…well it does cost just a little more than the mainstream commercial food in the stores…but…after watching a video on what’s REALLY in some dog foods…well…we became a believer in high quality dog food no matter what the price.

And we are finding out that with a high quality dog food that you don’t need to feed as much because it is so nutrient dense. So actually it doesn’t really cost you more. Did you know that dogs fed a high quality food live almost 5 years longer than dogs fed a low quality food?