Professional Last Longer Tips for the Young Middle Aged and Old Men

Mostly it is the young and inexperienced lads who go around asking for last longer tips, from all their friends. The funny part of this situation is that all the other guys are equally or less experienced than this original guy who asked for tips to last longer in bed. So what’s the big deal, you might be thinking.

How prevalent is early climax?

Well, actually not a big deal at all, because premature ejaculation is so common; as it affects around 25-40 % men in the entire Planet. Very young lads who are comparatively newbies in matters of sexual pleasure and the act of lovemaking; suffering from early climax is not a surprising fact. It is almost predictable and expected too.

Saddest Fact about PE

But the saddest fact about early climax (or PE as we all know it better); is that it affects young and middle-aged men too. This means that, men who are in the prime of their sexual lives (and are mostly married) are going through the stubborn sexual problem of premature and untimely orgasm.

Young lads of 16 / 18 going around asking for last longer tips is not such a great issue, but you cannot possibly go around doing the same thing when you are already 35 years of age, and are married for more than 8 years; can you?

It is this reluctance and shyness; which is going to make matters worse for you, your partner and your married/ love life. Taking professional help is always recommended and the best solution to get effective tips to last longer in bed with your woman.

What last longer tips will your sexologist suggest?

When you consult your sexologist, in anticipation of last longer tips, he or she will suggest getting a detailed investigation, at the outset.

Now, getting a detailed investigation means getting your self tested for the presence of any tangible cause for the PE.

You could consider your self lucky if your sexologist can put a finger on the cause of your PE, because quite a few men go through early climax, without any palpable cause or reason.

Once you get the cause pinpointed, like for instance, suffering from Prostatitis, Urethritis or Diabetes, your doctor can treat you for both the cause and the effect, and leave you feeling relieved.

But in case you cannot get a cause as the culprit for your early orgasm, then your sexologist will recommend that you do simple pelvic floor muscle exercises.

These exercises can reinforce the strength of the ano-genital muscles, and thus lead to better sphincter control, and hence prolong the release of semen for a little while.

In addition, your sexologist will also suggest, certain last longer tips like distraction, deep breathing techniques, or may be using a thick layered or double condom, while having sexual intercourse.

Whether you are a teenager, a young guy or a middle-aged man; premature ejaculation is equally bothersome and embarrassing for every one. Instead of going around asking for last longer tips from friends and family, it is always suggested and advisable to take professional medical counsel.