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How to Hike Like a Sherpa and Tips For Your Next Outdoor Recreation Adventure

The best path to good health involves exercise. This does not mean joining a gym and hiring a personal trainer. A brisk walk is great for a cardio workout. Best of all, it’s free to walk. After making several circuits around the neighborhood, it might help to expand the walking route. This is where the idea of hiking along a trail comes into play. The abundance of state and national parks means no one would be prohibitively far from a hiking trail. Just because someone has mastered the energetic walk does not mean they are ready to take on the next level of outdoor recreation that would be an intense hike. This is an exercise that should be approached much like the hike itself: Slow and steady. Here are some valuable tips to make sure a hike experience can be a winning one.

Leave the Denim in the Drawer

Check the label on a pair of denim jeans. It will read, “Made with cotton.” That’s great for casual wear but horrible on a mountain trail. Wet denim takes forever to dry out. It also draws out body heat leaving the wearer shivering. Embracing outdoor recreation means being prepared to embrace the elements and geological waterways. Cotton is not the clothing to be worn on these adventures.

Always Drink Water

Headaches, dizziness, and lack of focus are all signs of dehydration. The number one sign is when a person becomes thirsty. At that moment, the body is asking for water. On a hiking trail, the hiker needs to carry his or her hydration. Ideally, that would mean a six-ounce drink every twenty minutes. That keeps the hydration flowing before the body has a chance to get thirsty. Keep in mind that water is needed just as much on the way down as on the way up.

Break in Hiking Shoes Before the Hike

The first time a person goes on a hike is not the time to break in a pair of hiking shoes. Those shoes should be worn around for a few days before hitting the trail. It is also helpful to give the feet a break. During lunch or rest, remove the shoes and massage the feet. A nice foot cool down will help prolong the outdoor recreation.

Start Early

Hikes work best in the early morning hours. The sun hasn’t had a chance to reach its zenith for the day, and that means cooler temperatures. The longer a hiker waits to take to the trail, the less actual time they’ll have outdoors. Getting stuck on a trail after dark is not recommended even for the most experienced hikers.

Notify Friends

Despite all the preparation, an outdoor recreation adventure can go south in a heartbeat. Look no further than “127 Hours” for a prime example of that. There is nothing wrong with wanting to commune with nature by hiking solo. However, it is highly recommended that any hiker tells a friend where they are going and what trail they intend to use, just in case.

Las Vegas Vacations: The Family Friendly Circus Circus Adventure Dome

If you are going to Las Vegas and you have a family, then there is one destination that you cannot pass up. That place is the Adventure Dome at Circus Circus Hotel / Casino. The Adventure Dome is a 5 acre indoor amusement park. It features more than 23 rides and attractions. While Las Vegas heats up during the spring, summer and fall, the climate controlled Adventure Dome is kept cool year round. Aside from being the largest indoor amusement park in America, the Adventure Dome is a place that you will never grow tired of. Read on to find out why?

With wild rides such as the Canyon Blaster, Inverter, Rim Runner, Sling Shot, and Chaos, the Adventure Dome has more than enough attractions to keep you busy all day long. The Canyon Blaster is a double looping roller coaster that runs around the entire amusement park. While you are on the ride you can see many points around the Las Vegas Blvd, if you aren’t too busy screaming like a mad man. The Rim Runner is a heart pumping water ride that twist and turn down a river while ending in a gigantic 60 foot drop from a waterfall. If you are a spectator, try not to get too close to all the action. If you are watching the ride through plexiglass on the adjacent overpass you might get splashed. The Sling Shot is a ride that catapults you into the air with the force equivalent to 4Gs. Then the ride slings you right back down. The Inverter is a tall ride to say the least. It takes you more than 100 feet into the air and flips you in all different directions. Then there is Chaos. With a name like that who needs a description. Imagine being spun, twisted, and flipped in 3 different directions all at the same time. Chaos sound a lot like disaster. But don’t worry, it’s just a ride. If you want to enjoy some of the rides and other attractions, an unlimited ride pass is only $22 for adults and $15 for children.

If thrill rides are not your cup of tea the Adventure Dome still has a lot to offer. After all, the Adventure Dome is free to enter. It’s fun in itself just to take in the atmosphere. Circus clowns perform free live acts on a stage near the parks entrance every hour. There is a rock climbing area, miniature golf, arcade games, midway games, bumper cars, laser tag and a host of other rides and activities to enjoy. The Adventure Dome even has a section dedicated to small children’s rides. If you love to play video games, some of the latest and most challenging arcade games are spread through out the amusement park. Most of them cost no more than 50 cents. The miniature golf course always provides a little fun. The Adventure Dome even has a 3-D interactive ride that is so realistic; it will have you believing you are flying around at high speeds if you are not too careful. If you love to play paintball then visit the Laser tag arena. After every game you can check you score on the leader board. If you have an unlimited pass you can visit nearly all these attractions as many times as you wish. Anyway you cut it the Adventure Dome is more than a cheap thrill and a place you will never forget once you have paid it a visit.